Bum Sticker Sighted In San Francisco

“Welcome to San Francisco, Please Don’t Feed Our Bums” stickers can now be found at the iconic Haight-Ashbury T-Shirts and Great Expectations Book Store at 1500 Haight Street, San Francisco, Ca. 94117. Phone: (415) 863-4639

Take a stroll through Golden Gate Park. Stop in to Great Expectations Book Store. Tell ’em Penny and Buck sent ya.

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Send us your tags

Send us your sticker tags, sightings of stickers or stencils, like this guy, and we’ll post them here.

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Bum Sticker Pranksters Test The Nation’s Sense of Humor

While the debate still rages on in Ocean Beach, San Diego the bum sticker pranksters, Penny and Buck head north to test the sense of humor of the west coast and the nation.
Stickers reading “Please don’t feed our bums” now embrace the bums of Capitol Hill, The White House, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Pacific Beach and of course, Ocean Beach.

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O.B. Bum Sticker Ignites National Conversation

Three-inch piece of vinyl brings attention to societal failure in caring for its citizens.

What began as an artistic response to Ocean Beach, California’s young and increasingly iconic hobo, tramp, traveler, beggar and bum population, has turned into the most sustained national conversation on homelessness seen in years. When the yellow and green sticker, “Welcome to Ocean Beach, Please Don’t Feed Our Bums,” began appearing on electrical boxes and shop windows, many locals accepted the statement as they had countless other vinyl messages in the past. Yet when a website run out of Lemon Grove, Calif., seized upon the sticker as “hate-speech,” attention from local and then national media outfits snowballed into a weeks-long conversation on homelessness.

Those who stood in opposition to the sticker framed the debate as an “us vs. them” conflict. Some went so far as to create artwork for an opposition sticker. Critics of the original sticker have ignored the true intent of the message itself: to get those very same critics talking.

And talk they have. In under two months, the sticker and its message has been discussed in the L.A. Times, Union-Tribune, CNN, Huffington Post, Associated Press, KPBS and dozens of radio programs and websites. The sticker spurred a community meeting on homelessness in Ocean Beach, city council members have taken note, and homelessness in the city will again be discussed on the “Editor’s Round Table,” a KPBS radio program, this Friday.

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Fight Vinyl with Vinyl

“Tolerance” sticker aims to whoop ass on Bum sticker, but something’s missing . . . the physical opposition sticker itself.

Since reading and watching TV news reports about Frank Gormlie’s opposition sticker “Together We End Homelessness,” Penny and Buck from iHeartBums.com have been scouring Ocean Beach looking for the tolerance sticker. When the Union-Tribune ran a piece titled “Homeless at heart of O.B. sticker war,” Penny and Buck figured it was time to go out and find the counterpart in this so-called “war.” Yet try as they might, neither Penny nor Buck could find the tolerance sticker. They found several copies of their own sticker, “Welcome to Ocean Beach, Please Don’t Feed Our Bums.”

Even when Penny and Buck found people who’d been interviewed on TV news about the tolerance sticker, these people reported only being showed a “photocopy” of the opposition sticker. Then Penny and Buck discovered the reason neither they nor the people interviewed for the story had seen the actual opposition sticker. They hadn’t seen it, they learned, because the opposition sticker doesn’t exist, only the artwork for the sticker exists. It seems that someone failed to show-up to the sticker war.

Penny said she just couldn’t tolerate the fact that print and TV news would report on a so-called sticker battle, when one of the stickers didn’t even exist. For his part Buck said that he didn’t care, pumping up a mythical sticker was about as hokey as the opposition sticker itself. In fact, said Buck, “I like the way the two figures in the opposition sticker are shaking with their left hands—it’s kinda leftist, get it? The sticker is so lame it’s cool, I can’t wait to get a T-shirt of it myself.”

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Interested in selling the sticker in your town?

Retailers, email Penny@iHeartBums.com for custom orders

Retailers, email Penny@iHeartBums.com for custom orders

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