Purest Form of Flattery

Penny just bought this sticker, “Ocean Beach Mobile Homes,” from a bum on Newport Ave. It portrays a stick figure pushing a loaded shopping cart. Check out the booze bottles and TV set in the cart. Classic. Its printed in the same colors as Penny’s sticker. Luckily, Penny believes that imitation is the purest form of flattery. If you want one for yourself, the guy selling them is still down on Newport in front of Hodads. Hurry up and get down there, the guy might load up his cart and skidaddle. Tell ’em Penny and Buck sent ya.

Bum sticker spin-offs are awesome.

P.S. Penny and Buck are making a stencil for free download so anyone who wants to post up a “Please Don’t Feed Our Bums” image can pop ’em off anywhere they want. Keep an eye out for the stencil on this page.


About iheartbums

bum- a person who avoids work and sponges on others; loafer; idler.
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