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Don’t Feed Frank

Buck has heard rumors that a new bum sticker exists—not the “Tolerance” sticker or even the “Please Don’t Feed Our Bums” sticker—this new little gem reads: “Welcome to O.B., Please Don’t Feed Frank.” As some of you may remember, Frank … Continue reading

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Purest Form of Flattery

Penny just bought this sticker, “Ocean Beach Mobile Homes,” from a bum on Newport Ave. It portrays a stick figure pushing a loaded shopping cart. Check out the booze bottles and TV set in the cart. Classic. Its printed in … Continue reading

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Skaters Rock Venice Beach Bum Sticker

The “Welcome to Venice Beach, Please Don’t Feed Our Bums” sticker found a good home in Venice Beach, at Venice Skateboarding Stuff located smack in the heart of the boardwalk, phone: 310.314.5230. Skaters know their streets and they know satire—and … Continue reading

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