Bumper sticker targets homeless

T-shirts, hats also carry “Please don’t feed our bums” message

FOX 5 San Diego Staff

11:03 AM PDT, June 20, 2010

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SAN DIEGO – A bumper sticker that reads “Welcome to Ocean Beach — Please don’t feed our bums” is drawing mixed reactions in the community.

The sticker targets aggressive panhandlers, according to Ken Anderson, 42, who works at The Black, where the stickers have been selling for $2.50 each. The stickers mimic the National Park Service’s “Please don’t feed the bears” sticker.

Anderson said he had the stickers printed a few weeks ago because people were tired of rude, young transients demanding spare change rather than asking for it. Anderson hoped the stickers would get out the message that the homeless population in Ocean Beach has grown out of control. Anderson also had shirts and hats printed with the same message.

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Chaz Lomack, an Ocean Beach business owner, agrees with Anderson. He says many of the young homeless in the area choose not to work, come from well-off families and have cell phones. According to Lomack, some people who refuse to give them money have been violently attacked.

Frank Gormlie, 62, who blogs on “OB Rag”, said the stickers send the wrong message about Ocean Beach, which he described as a “place of laid-back tolerance.” Gormlie said the stickers carry a message of hate and dehumanize the homeless. He has asked Anderson to stop selling them.

Anderson said his store will continue to sell the stickers as long as there’s a demand.

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bum- a person who avoids work and sponges on others; loafer; idler.
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